About Us

We specialize in strategic online solutions derived from a deep understanding of your organization and audience. From there, we create useful and durable tools aimed to project you to the next level.

Alex Weaver Crawford

Alex Weaver Crawford is a multi-disciplinary designer and strategic consultant based in Atlantic Canada. With a background in marketing and architecture, she works at the intersection of creativity and practicality. Most of her work revolves around creating marketing and design strategies for her clients that cohesively work toward their goals. In addition to her role as creative director at Weaver Crawford Creative, she sits on the executive committee of Building Equality in Architecture Atlantic, and is the chair of the Saint John Planning Advisory Committee.

Steve Weaver Crawford

When it comes to designing the best solution for clients, Steve takes a cue from his favourite single-speed bike. Easy to ride, efficient, it works great AND is pleasing to the eye. This seamless blend of technology and design is what Steve aims for in his work. A software engineer with a degree from the Swinburne University of Technology, Steve deals with complexity on the backend, so your customers enjoy a streamlined interaction on the front end. Consistency, perfection and efficiency make him happy.